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Using goldenararat.com site You accept the below mentioned conditions, as well as our privacy policy, Please, carefully read them and in case of necessity print and save. You may learn about the conditions of payment and delivery at the department of Delivery information and payment information. The company enjoys the right time by time to make amendments in the plot of the site, “privacy policy” and in this “conditions of usage”. The conditions are defined in compliance with the legislation of RA.  The formulation of the order is done online- independently or with the direct help of our specialists. You will communicate with us via e-mail, as well as with direct connection/ mobile, telephone, on-line call/.  When you visit the site or send us letter by e-mail, You communicate with us. We communicate by sending You e-mail letters, or installing notifications and information in the site. The client may clarify each question relating to the description of the quality of the jewelry by the all methods. If desired, a sale-purchase contract may be signed

The responsibility of the site

The order made by goldenararat.com   site is a suggestion of you to buy and get any product by the delivery. The mentioned suggestion is considered to be accepted, if we send you a letter verifying the order/consent/, where the details of the order are mentioned. That letter is considered to be a signed contract between you and the site

Getting the jewelry having the respective quality and quantity and certifying about the authenticity of the good, the product is under your possession and the Company is not liable for its quality and completeness. The company is deprived of any responsibility for non implementation of the obligations or for delayed implementation, if it is substantiated by the reasons which are out of our control. While implementing the order, the Seller is not liable for the accuracy and reliability provided by the Customer. The site is responsible for the qualitative criteria of the presented jewelry. However, in case of debate relating to the quality of the jewelry which has been bought, the buyer enjoys the right to submit the jewelry to examination by the independent expert with our specialist, who has the respective qualification. If it finds out as a result of examination that the good, which has been sold by us, corresponds to the qualitative criteria, the buyer is obliged to accept it and pay for the jewelry, otherwise, we are obliged to replace the jewelry with the jewelry having the same quality or other jewelry, depending on your wish

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