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Return Policy

Getting your ordered jewel and the respective documents, you make sure about the authenticity of the jewel, its high quality, correspondence of the presented criteria of the quality, after which, signing the respective documents /receipt or invoice/ you get the jewel.

In compliance with the legislation of RA, if the product, which you have bought, has not carried qualitative and quantitative changes, you may return it during 14 days representing receipt or invoice

However, if you want to return the good because of its qualitative criteria, You, presenting substantiated reasons, may demand the sum of money paid for the jewel and delivery, or to replace with other one. The same relates to the cases, when you have ordered a good belonging to the same product classification but having other brand and you want to replace it by the one you have preferred. In these cases, only the difference  of the product price is levied from you

  • Golden Ararat