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The Armenian people since ancient times have been famous for their unique works in the field of jewelry and even today many Armenian jewelers and designers work at the companies which are famous all over the world.

We present you goldenararat.com site, where unique and unrepeatable works of the Armenian jewelers, as well as Golden Ararat brand are presented.

We present you such system of search, which will allow you to find any kind of the jewelry with all possible qualitative and quantitative indicators during just a second. Our main aim is to present the works of Armenian jewelers to all over the world, showing the potential of the craft coming from the centuries, mind and imagination flights which have been expressed in the combination of precious metals and precious stones. Selecting concrete policy of price list, that is to say to present jewels by international selected concrete prices and real prices demanded for the preparation of the jewels, we try to create trustable atmosphere for you where you may find the jewels you wanted by its real price. The presented exclusive jewels are very cheap. Our aim is to present jewels by the real prices, to show regularity between the price of the jewel and the work of the jewelers. We do not have “exclusive jewels” with exclusive high prices

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